Mary Poppins is the babysitter of dreams, everyone wishes to have an equal: sweet but strict, firm but cozy.

However, most people will remember that Mary was not alone and she had as a companion Bert, the very charming chimney sweep artist. He was drawing on the floor that world that would  become a reality soon.

Well, there is a nanny but there is also a nanny male: the Tato. I will speak to you in this article about him because at the Urban Safari in Turin on Dec. 10th we were lucky to know one.

We don’t meet them frequently, at the moment they are more unique than rare!

Lorenzo, known by many as La Tata Maschio, (The Nanny Male), accompanied us in the light of the artists of Turin with the Urban Safari, the second edition of 2016 proposed in the city of Turin.

And as far as the name of the animal world is concerned, we guarantee that in this case the animals are not affected.


btyUrban Safari is a wonderful idea for a Travel Designer: Deborah Croci, who thanks to her work has discovered how fun it is to be able to getting around the city as a tourist, even though the city in question is the one where you live!

Are we sure to know it so well? Deborah shows us that we can still learn a lot of things.

Thanks to the happy and colorful maps of Italy for Kids children can play and feel as small private investigators.

Ready to start? Lorenzo explains the rules, first drawing on the cartoon with portrait and name and street... 

The Porta Nuova station has just been restored, it welcomes us with its bloated of its brilliance recovered and from here begins our adventure.

With the author's lights, Christmas decorations and the notes of a piano in the distance, Turin seems poetic.

At every corner there are stalls, balloons and sweet pancakes but the children do not seem to notice them, they listen to the great Lorenzo for three hours, telling the story of the founders of the city, of the palaces, of his dear places that the city protects.

The kids look for the characters on the map and follow the path we're doing, someone asks for the name of the King and somebody else imagines how it might be that square with music coming out of the open windows of the conservatory. (It has since become a place where things are kept).

Lorenzo raises them and hears them, two kind eyes and a timid and sincere smile that keeps children consider them as adults, just a little lower.

He does not shout, he does not sing, he does not shake candy but even catches the attention of both children and adults, who at the end of the Tour ask if there is a tour for the "parents".


The walk is interrupted only for a short snack by Lindt: chocolate, muffin and a small lab with Burabacio drawing.

This tour was a mix of things and people put together and we really like the result!

Eco-Friendly, educational and funny. Absolutely Pinfriendly !!

At this time the Safari will stop and come back in February.

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Needless to say, the Turin Urban Safari is absolutely promoted and highly recommended!


Urban Safari are active in the city of Turin, Milan. Florence and soon in Genoa…