It’s not easy to be a family, put together all the pieces sometimes is very hard, from September to June the times and rhythms are marked by school, activities and it seems simpler, but during the breaks? And the week end?

Simple. We thought: simple. Simple must be the password. Mom or Dad with counting minutes, late at night should be able to find a site … S E M P L I C E.

On PinAndGo type where you want to go, where you want to book or where you’ve already booked a journey and PinAndGo tells you what shows you can see, what farms to visit, what sports your kids can practice (you can throw you in some reckless experience), whether in the area there is a lab, a play area, a museum or a theatre, an adventure park … and much more.

Do you like this idea? We also ask for help to you.
If you have a family with children registered on PinAndGo, tell our idea to your neighbor, your colleague or friend, whether the bar where you go to have breakfast makes some good shakes or if the adventure park behind the house is a funny. Invite them to sign up for FREE on our site so they will know everyone!

If you know a friend who manages a theater and makes children’s shows, if the museum where your kids always bring your little ones does not have a site, remember that it also could has a free page on PinAndGo where it could enter all the information, texts and many photographs, all contact data and the PIN on the map to explain what and where they propose.

Share our site and our FB page on your favorite Social Networks and if you will do, we can only say thank you, as you would in front of a good coffee with a group of friends talking about real things and dreams that come true; Friends who like Pin spent time together in a large, unique magical village that is our country, the beautyful Italy!