Muba in Milan, Explora in Rome and Muse in Trento.

"Thirty-three Trentines enter in Trent all thirty-three trotting" maybe they went to the Muse.

Crazy if not totally off the rules start an article dedicated to adults with a rhyme but the museums we want to talk to you today are: serious and complex content, but creative, playful, family-friendly places where you learn by playing.

At the Muse of Trento, I personally watched children yank on their parents, "Dad, do you try me now ???" because at Muse you play, there are many plans and every floor tells a different story, children are provided with a Tablet where the Muse guys tell, explain and entertain the families. Primitive men, flora and fauna, there are also the animals and the mountain. Movies and documentaries, workshops and experiments.

For little kids from 0 to 5 years, there is a tactile space where children can experience using all their senses.


The the Muba is Different but equally unique, it’s the children's museum in Milan

Inside of the magnificent context of the Rotonda of Besana, the Muba Museum, the children's museum in Milan, hosts different play-games always and each time it becomes a different place: Once we found a table that moved with glasses and dishes that magically remained in balance.

The kids can learn the food education by spending money and by inventing new and singular characters. There are Stalls that sell stories ?? But is it possible?

We have played the game of circus and we try to touch different materials on a path between giant balls and cylinders, water and color.

Even in Muba, the children can start to play from 12 months to 12 years old.

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Last but not least the Rome Children's Museum: Explora

Here there are so many labs.

If your children ask "So, what do you want to be when you grow up?" They cannot give a certain answer yet, Explora can help you.

Hand wrap and other thousands of tools to try and experience: Wind, water, tactile paths, nutrition: you play to shopping and you can know the foods, you can play firefighters, make money, create energy ... anything and everything!

Did you think about something? Explora has it.
Children are welcome from 0-12 years old.


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