Le origini


Traveling has always been part of my life, I always thought that the best way to spend money was to invest in a trip.

I took my backpack and walked around the planet to know people and places, smelling the world,ate  local food and talked to people who wanted to tell me their story or wanted to hear mine, I went back to a house full of unique colors, lots of memories that made me become what I am today.

I found a travel companion that I married: the backpack turned into a little curious little girl, I carried her around  and together we continued walking.

One day, organizing a trip with my family and with my "backpacks", which in the meantime have become two, I realized how the idea of travel goes around hotels and accommodations, which are important, of course, but my needs was to understand what could  offer  the place I want to visit

How do I fill my children's eyes in?Nothing online was satisfying me, So, fresh of motherhood, I put together my skills and I began to study the idea.

Pin And Go is born.


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