Pin and Go is born as start up to social vocation: we believe that Italy is a wonderful place to see for its colours and monuments, because every region of Italy has a rich and unique heritage to offer, unique for your smart vacations.

The mild climate makes it an ideal stopover for every season and we believe that an Italian peculiarity is hospitality and entertainment.

We have created a site so that families can create an itinerary through a simple map, for their travels and to do this we have selected and we will select interesting activities and facilities: theatre, museum, outdoor activities, kite surfing, windsurfing.

Different ways to do holiday: camping, with the bicycle, with the camper in contact with nature and animals. Read our statute if you want to know more.

Each region has a mask that tells its story: Gianduia in Piedmont with chocolate and the book Fair, Harlequin with a thousand colors between the romantic lagoons and rich in history, what would those bridges say if only they could speak! Without counting Pulcinella and Balanzone, Brighella and trousers.


Who better than Italians can tell stories?


The children still know how to listen and marvel, this is how pin and go, to remove the dust to the puppets, pull them out of the closet and listen to them, watch them tell new stories, to play inside the museums and see what happens to mix the colors.

We cannot forget our roots and too often we have found ourselves chasing what is outside of us: The Italians are born artists, storytellers. This site was born to honor the great masters who have traveled our streets and made Italy the place of culture: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Pirandello, Moravia, Eco, FO among the many protagonists of centuries of wonderful amazement.

For all the children of Italy and of the world, that they can find the way to the greatness that for us does not mean to have so much money and become millionaires but know how to keep a brush in hand and create a magic or know how to ride a wave with a surf.. But this is another story.