Località Baratti
57025 Baratti (LI)
(+39) 348.7476908
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OK for children/kids of 2 - 15 years of age
Pets allowed

It is a circular gulf, about ten kilometers south of San Vincenzo.
Baratti is the small reference town, consisting of a small agglomeration of few houses, a few bars and a bus stop.
A truly magnificent place to stay and bathe in the shallow, transparent waters and a postcard panorama.
Although in summer many people choose Baratti for bathing, there is enough space for everyone for the amount of beach available.

The perimeter of the Gulf features a narrow beach, behind which stands the inevitable Mediterranean spot, with pines that appear to have come out of an impressionist picture.

The sand of the Gulf of Baratti is very particular: soft dark brown with black and blue tips; Touching it has the impression that it has in hand the clay.
Certainly it was used by the ancient Etruscans to work the cooked lands and the black pins must be the remains of iron processing, specialties of the Etruscans.
The beaches that from Baratti go north to San Vincenzo are practically deserted, bordered by pine forests, where time seems to have stopped and where wild rabbits, weasels and foxes, pheasants, hips, turtles and maggots still live marine.

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