Viale Magna Grecia, 11, 87075 Trebisacce CS
87075 Trebisacce (CS)
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OK for children/kids of 0 - 15 years of age

The beach of Trebisacce stretches along the new part of the town of the same name, commonly called Marina, and today consists of a large part of the manor houses of the old Marina of Trebisacce, built around 1900.

It is a long and narrow strip of mixed light sand Pebble, bordered by a beautiful palm-lined promenade and with its backs of houses and structures. This long coastline welcomes several well-organized beaches and is bathed by a beautiful, peachy sea of bright, crystalline blue and extraordinarily transparent, ideal for swimming and bathing.

Once at the beach, it is worth a trip to the magnificent Imperial Rocca, built around 1200 by Federico di Svevia and located about 30 kilometers north of Trebisacce.

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