Via angelo della pergola 11/2
20159 Milan (MI)
(+39) 3356188222
umberta.pellizzetti [nospambot]

Features and services

OK for children/kids of 0 - 15 years of age
Average price: 40 € - 55 €
Discounts: 0 % - 30 %
Game room
Pets allowed
Baby changer
Games, books and colors
Internet Wi-Fi

A unique experience where the delicious sicilian flavours of pane cunzatu, arancini and cannoli meet melodic and virtuous instruments (clarinet, guitar and percussions) all set in a post-industrial refurbished hangar. This is the heart of our sensorial evening. Guests will be received between 19 and 19.30 and the tasting experience will begin. Your taste buds will be entertained by the Sicilian Chef Basilio while your ears will revel in the live music of "Choro da Madunina". This group contaminates choro music with the suggestive Milanese music tradition (choro is the mainstay of traditional Brazilian instrumental music, from which samba and bossanova originate, "Madunina" is the Madonna on top of the cathedral the Duomo, symbol of the city) .

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