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In Tuscany, near the green Garfagnana there is the Val di Lima, with its stream and the Garfagnana Rafting center, which offers you many sports and tourist attractions such as rafting, canoeing, adventure parks, trekking, canyoning and much other. An all-round sports experience with fun, you will have an unforgettable memory and new friends always ready to make you entertain yourself.
A Ciuc on the Raft? Exactly, the Ciuc who is the association's Mascot after working hard in the Garfagnine mountains carrying wood, decided to entertain himself by going down the river rapids. The activities we are doing are all in the open air, in full contact with nature and respect. Valuing the river and mountain environment is our mission.

Rafting, this is known. This wonderful discipline is gaining more and more by winning the water sports landscape. A rafting descent is a way to approach the river and discover a world that many times have at hand but for many reasons we can not explore. Garfagnana Rafting offers you various types of downhills, for those looking for fun and adrenaline or for those who simply want to relax in an unexplored place.

Our beautiful mountains, the Apuan and the Apennines are the cornerstone of the beautiful Garfagnana Valley. We organize excursions of various difficulties. Exits are always carried out by qualified personnel, our Hiking Excursions Guide will accompany you on your path we will plan with you, every season is good for discovering the mountain, valorizing the area and making our places known to us is a pleasure and a pleasure duty.

Canyoning or Torrenting consists of drifting waterfalls on foot, with a mud and a jerk that will help us to slip into the toboggings naturally and with the help of a rope for overcoming falls and rocky cliffs. The landscape is pristine and immersed in the wild wild.

Balance on water, on board the kayak. Learn with the masters to get off the white and drizzling rapids, you can try initially in the "flat water" of the numerous lakes in Garfagnana and then evolve and continue to learn in the Lima Creek or the Serchio River. Once you reach the level you want and find the autonomy you can start exploring new river courses with friends you will meet during the journey. Courses can be full immersion with a duration of two days and a minimum of 8 participants, or individual lessons to be agreed with the staff.

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