Via Ponte Aquila, 4,
39042 Bressanone (BZ)
(+39) 0472.209112
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OK for children/kids of 6 - 15 years of age

Peek "within the walls" of an ancient palace of Bressanone and you will discover its history in historical settings with beautiful wood paneling, wall frescoes and tiled stoves.
Over the centuries, a treasure trove of extravagant and rare drugs has been preserved in the headquarters of the Peer Pharmacy - they tell the development of medicine and pharmacy in Tyrol and testify to the manifold creativity and lively imagination of the art of healing ".
Starting from the year 2002 the opening of the Pharmacy Museum in Bressanone is considered as confidential information and a valuable place recommended for all those who are interested in Architecture, Art and Pharmacy and in particular for those who can appreciate the stimulus of a harmonious combination between the ancient and the modern.

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