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Features and services

OK for children/kids of 0 - 15 years of age
Average price: 0 € - 15 €
Handy friendly
Pets allowed

Koreja's artistical project is made up of "works", "actions" and "stories" (little or bigger) coming from far away and , above all, from the deep need of building up a "residence for theatre and culture" open to innovations, to the comparison between generations , a kaleidoscope of arts , genres and experiences in our loved-hated South. Here, we have always paid attention to our traditions as much as to the roots and languages of other people , in a relation of mutual respect "Works", "actions" and "stories" mean production of plays born inside the "Cantieri" and facing the wider audience (children, youngsters and grownups) during the tournée; they mean hospitality to companies and artists, cultural meetings, exhibitions, public rehearsal, all inserted into "Strade Maestre"; they mean theatrical training addressed above all to young and disadvantaged people; they finally mean an endlessly open dialogue with the audience and Institutions.

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