Via Crea 10
10142 Grugliasco (TO)
(+39) 011.7709657
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Features and services

OK for children/kids of 4 - 11 years of age
Average price: 0 € - 10 €
Handy friendly

Play making great crafts you are free to learn while having fun!
GruCity is a real city with streets, buildings, offices, barracks, shops and gardens, suitable for children.
A unique place where you can touch the world of adults, trying their hand at their jobs, dressing their clothes.
At GruCity every child is the protagonist! Free to play and learn. Free to discover their skills and to experiment with new perspectives. Free to develop creativity, imagination and collaboration. Free to explore every corner of this fun, cultural and educational journey.
Disabled children and parents can access the structure depending on the severity of the handicap, whether cognitive or motor, this decision we leave it to the Mayor of GruCity who is the person in charge who interacts with children and who is present in every building / trade.

In Grucity you can find: ASL TO3 Hospital, Fire Brigade, Ford Authos workshop, Casa Beretta Kitchen Lab & Restaurant, building site, media center with La Stampa GruCity editorial office, TV studios and the radio ones, the Iper Carrefour, the cleaning company Res Nova, the police station, the beauty salon, fashion and wellness. Each activity of GruCity is created thanks to the help and support of experts in the field, institutions, companies and leading brands in every sector. The know-how of professionals is necessary to create realistic spaces, relevant contents and to train staff, in order to entertain children and teach them notions, technical terms (the jargon) and elements related to different jobs, through a recreational-educational experience. "

The entry mechanics is registration through a portal with the data of the parent and child, delivery of an electronic bracelet to the child who can "take care of" every trade he performs and then pay out on the basis of the amount of trades done.
Each trade lasts about 20 minutes.

Presenting the Pincard: A free trade for families who present themselves with the card.
Basic package € 7 including 3 trades instead of 2.

Have fun ... ops.. Good job!

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