Sentiero Cala Fuili - Cala Luna
08022 Dorgali (NU)
(+39) 3487476908
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Features and services

OK for children/kids of 4 - 15 years of age

One of the wonders of the Gulf of Orosei, as well as a symbol of the eastern coast of Sardinia. Cala Luna is located halfway between the territories of Baunei and Dorgali and is characterized by the mouth of the Codula di Luna stream. The cove is protected by steep rock walls that frame it and punctuated by shady and wide natural caves that offer shelter from the sun of the warmer months. The golden beach in the middle of the creek is immersed in a blue and crystalline sea.

It is particularly appreciated by those who practice underwater sport fishing or simply want to immerse themselves in its waters. It is equipped with a bar, a refreshment point and is characterized by a shallow bottom that makes it easy for children to play in the water.

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