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Features and services

OK for children/kids of 3 - 11 years of age
Average price: 5 € - 15 €
Discounts: 0 % - 10 %
Handy friendly

The House of Stories
Fairy Tales
Interactive shows for children and adults
From 6 to 96 years!
Usually you can be spectators or actors, here you are both!

La Casa delle Storie is a theatrical project dedicated to the whole family.
One of the most exciting interactive theater experiences in circulation.
It is not just a show to watch, but to do together, making the viewer an active part and engine of the show.

With a simple mechanism of role assignment, to groups all the public is actively involved in the performances, it is the engine of the show.

The novels "Spectators -Actors" mutually assume the roles of fairytale characters skilfully guided by professional actors on stage in a theatrical space without a stage that does not pose barriers between actors and the public.
The stage music and the theatrical lights contribute to creating a suggestive atmosphere.

Fairy tale characters mirror all human genres: they can be solar and naive, but also disturbing and manipulative, good and generous and also bad and selfish. The pedagogical theme of the fairy tale is fully respected and valued, the fairy tale helps to grow and teaches how to face the difficulties of life but, in the way we do it, it is also a source of great fun!
In our shows you play a lot, you laugh, you have fun and with the lightness of the smile you communicate and relate to others.

Welcome to La Casa delle Storie, we hope you already feel it and you will have fun with us!

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