Strada per Pianazzola 104
23020 Chiavenna (SO)
(+39) 3493435130
(+39) 41796487431
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Features and services

OK for children/kids of 0 - 15 years of age
Average price: 35 € - 120 €
Animal farm
Pets allowed
Games, books and colors
Internet Wi-Fi
Outdoor area

In Chiavenna, in a smaller hamlet called Pianazzola, there is a small lovely hamlet. A relaxing experience in a quiet place that immerses you in nature.

What you see is not just a B&B, for the first time children will have the feeling of going to sleep at school. (many actually try it regularly).
The B & B "old school" is a modern and beautiful Family B&B recovered from an old school.

In homage to this affectionate school that has hosted many children who have now grown up, the owners have wanted to create furnished rooms and each of them has a name that recalls a subject of study.

Where do you want to recover your strength for mountain walks? In the biology room? Music? Are you passionate about numbers? Your ideal room is math!
Only the room of physical education is missing, since the philosophy of the managers in the B & B the old school "gymnastics is conceived only as activities to be carried out in the open air.

It is interesting to know that a helicopter was used to renovate this Family B&B as there are no roads near the Old School.

Ideal place for families with children who want to spend a moment of relaxation immersed in nature, ideal for children, far from dangers and in contact with animals and nature, an idyllic panorama that offers a breathtaking view over the town of Chiavenna.

To keep our guests company rabbits, cats, chickens, goats and sometimes two nice piglets, but they are all very polite and love their privacy.

A place to visit both in winter and in summer with many ideas for spending free time with your family, with many creative activities.
Climbing, skiing, walking trekking of various levels, water sports in the nearby towns.
The managers also organize activities with Alpine guides.

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