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OK for children/kids of 8 - 15 years of age

Orza for the Under18: towards the wind! Those who go on a sailing boat know it: "luffing", in seafaring jargon, means "taking the bow towards the wind". And that's exactly what we have been doing, for more than twenty-five years, on board our boats, course after course and boarding after boarding, bringing hundreds of children from 8 to 17 years old towards the wind and the great sailing adventure, accompanying them in the waves and discovering a new passion. And we at Orza are happy to see them return the following summer because they fell in love with the boat, the place and the beautiful company, happy to see them grow, become better and more mature, more aware and more passionate every day, in short, a a little more adults and a little more sailors!

The sailing courses for children and teenagers in Orza are an easy and fun way to learn how to carry a sailing boat well. The teaching of our sailing courses is mainly based on boat trips accompanied by comprehensible and exhaustive theoretical notions. The sailing course becomes a beautiful game, exciting and never boring, while without realizing it you learn a little bit of everything: to steer, to sail, to adjust the sails and to decide where to give bottom. Living together on a boat also means, helping yourself, doing your part of the work in the kitchen and galley, keeping your bag and boat or room tidy, winning and losing.

The boat is also a great way to get together!
Sailing with the family, year after year, is proving to be more and more successful, with mothers, dads, children and sometimes even grandparents (!) Who return to the city happy and tanned, after enjoying all together a vacation on a sailing boat !
In our nautical base in Sardinia you will find many proposals dedicated to families, to entertain you and teach you to go sailing between the wonderful islands of the Maddalena Archipelago National Park in the Bocche di Bonifacio or in the splendid bay of Porto Pollo, a paradise of wind and sailing.
All together in Sardinia, by boat, with the family!

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