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OK for children/kids of 6 - 15 years of age
Average price: 0 € - 45 €
Discounts: 0 % - 15 %
Handy friendly

Back to popular demand From October 5th to December 31st 2018! Present the PinCard in the box and you will get a 15% discount on the tickets purchased. Or contact 0200640844 and book your tickets.

The magical story of the most famous nanny in the world finally lands in Milan in a show made of incredible effects and involving choreography, but above all unforgettable songs like Supercalifragilistichespiralidoso, Cam caminì, How beautiful it is to walk with Mary and A little sugar.

The Italian version of the show will have a large cast, a large live orchestra, extraordinary choreography, spectacular scene changes, sumptuous costumes and incredible special effects. Who has not dreamed at least once to meet Mary Poppins in flesh and blood and ask her to sing together A little sugar or Supercalifragilistichespiralidoso, to walk with her on the roofs of the city, to see her fly high, before our eyes, with her funny parasol in hand? Who has never tried to tidy up their room with a snap of fingers? And on the notes of a song singed by a sweep, it will be easy to identify with the characters and relive the scenes of the film in the magic of the stage.

Children from 0 to 2 years will have access to the theater with a free entry ticket for the purchase of a whole ticket (in the proportion 1 to 1) for sale only at the ticket office of the National Theater.
From the two years completed the children will pay full rate.

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