Villa Baragiola Via F. Caracciolo, 46
21100 Varese (VA)
(+39) 0332.255637
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OK for children/kids of 5 - 15 years of age


In all the museums in the world it is forbidden to touch, in this museum no. Why? Because knowing through touch is also an extraordinary opportunity to understand the world, art, design for all those who see and can make a bended visit, and is a way to allow people who do not see knowing through hands what everyone else knows with their eyes.

There is a collection of tactile wooden models in this museum that - almost like a three-dimensional encyclopaedia with flips - reproduce aspects of landscape, architecture, art and design.

With the visit to the Varese Tactile Museum you have the opportunity to see how tactile models have a dual function: didactic and emotional: by knowing through the feel you discover a new world. This is confirmed by more than 13,000 visitors ...

In addition to the models, the museum houses paths and multisensory installation, able to combine fun with interest in experimentation. These are the ways in which the visitor can test, having fun, as the senses speak a special language that will make us know better and more thoroughly all aspects of reality.

The world becomes a kaleidoscope of possibilities, which here demands to be "listened" with all the senses: funny aspects and new forms of knowledge of reality, monuments and tactile games, sensory emotions and art, didactics and experimentation.

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