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In Borgo Celano, a hamlet of San Marco in Lamis, there is a place where one can immerse oneself in the past through current structures and technologies of the Gargano National Park; an interactive itinerary inside the museum, to dive into time and space far away millions of years. In light of the exceptional findings of dinosaur footprints found in the territory of San Marco in Lamis, the museum offers illustrative panels, videos, dioramas and reconstructions of places based on scientific studies, in order to prepare the visitor for the external route.
In fact, in the Park space, an illustrated path of 2300m has been set up, in order to experience the emotion of encountering real traces, also through the reconstruction of a natural and uncontaminated habitat, between local plants and mirrors. water, between traces and footprints, you can encounter creatures (in real dimensions and in MOVEMENT) lived on this territory 120 million years ago.
The guided tour of the park will take you to the discovery of the living creatures that populated the earth millions of years ago, you will discover what the dinosaur footprints on the blocks tell us, the operator will accompany you along the way to make you admire the many dinosaurs animated reproduced in real size present in the Park. The park features a large herd of animatronics dinosaurs, mobile and sound, of the latest generation. You can admire among others the Saltasauro, the Diplodoco, the Carnotaurus up to T-Rex, Tapejara and Allosauro, which will accompany visitors to discover the evolution of the world starting from the Triassic, 220 million years ago, crossing the Cretaceous up to arrive at the Jurassic, 65.5 million years ago, when they became extinct. A journey through prehistory through a thematic route for young and old, which has the opportunity to admire and listen to the dinosaurs reproduced in full size, the real dinosaur footprints present on stone blocks, the paleontological museum with 3D room, the botanical garden , and the "VISIT CENTER ON CARSISMO" with the visit in the reconstruction of a cave environment, all to live an unforgettable experience. An exhibition for the whole family, including four-legged friends. Entrance to the Park is in fact allowed to dogs on a leash. An opportunity to spend an entire day outdoors, taking advantage of the pond, the covered picnic area and the refreshment point available to the public. Children also have access to a free play area.

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