Via Parrocchiale, 9
61012 Gradara (PU)
(+39) 199151123
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The hill of Gradara, a land of border between Marche and Romagna, is dominated by the majestic fortress surrounded by a small medieval village and a double wall.
Place of pleasant delights since ancient times, so as to derive its name from "grateful aura" (good air), Gradara offers visitors memories of centuries of history in a medieval setting. The elements are all there: a hill overlooking the open valley on the horizon of the sea, a dense thicket, a turreted castle and the legendary that stands out with the ocher color of the bricks on blue sky and the green countryside around.
The castle was home to the main families of the medieval and Renaissance: Malatesta, Sforza, Borgia and Della Rovere, and was the scene of major historical events and legends.

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