Via Enrico Besana, 12
20122 Milan (MI)
(+39) 02.43980402
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Features and services

OK for children/kids of 2 - 8 years of age

Come and visit the new Game Show dedicated to Nature !!
From 24 January 2019 to 6 January 2020.

Musa is the first Milanese museum dedicated to children aged 2 to 6 years.
In the splendid setting of the Besana roundabout the Muba offers lots of creative activities for children's free time.
Those in the Muba are always original activities, the game shows that the child can learn while having fun and experimenting.

MUBA is a Foundation, recognized at regional level and non-profit, which aims to train and spread cultural expressions that intend to promote a creative thought in children and free from stereotypes, preparing them for a society that requires ever greater creative attitudes .
Following the pedagogical method of the Children's Museums, MUBA develops and disseminates non-formal education, putting the child at the center of the experience.

Activities are very popular and book your game show in time!

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